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La mission d'IPRD est de fournir un accès à des innovations de santé numérique évolutives avancées qui permettent des solutions de santé mondiale disruptives et percutantes dans les PRITI.

IPRD Solutions Continuous Innovation Methodology. CIM is a repeatable process which provides on-the-ground, real-world feeback to help innovation turn into impact

IPRD Solutions a été fondée par le Dr Keith Hanna en 2017 pour innover dans les technologies de la santé numérique afin de permettre des solutions transformatrices dans le domaine de la santé mondiale.

IPRD understands and has significant experience in the other factors that are necessary for impact, including identifying enabling partners, performing change management with all stakeholders from government to HCWs, defining metrics for success, providing means for rapid feedback to component developers, and others.
IPRD Solutions' Continuous Innovation Methodology

We therefore also focus on setting up those engagements and processes:

  • Define metrics and goals for impact

  • Develop innovative technologies

  • Create standards based data pipeline

  • Extract insights useful for public health authority

  • Implement impactful workflows & change management

IPRD Solutions partnered with Hacey to develop MNCH technology now utilized at a PCH in Adaramagbo, Nigeria
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